Julius Klemm

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Julius Klemm was born in Berlin in 1988. He lives in Frankfurt and graduated from the Offenbach Academy of Design in July 2020. Since his early childhood he has been drawing a lot of stories. His first publications, at the age of 10, were small illustrations in "Schöneberger Morgen", a local Berlin weekly newspaper. Julius broad interest, and the most diverse cultural and media influences provide him with many sources of inspiration. His passion is it to bring attention to old films and old techniques of printmaking again.  

Characteristic for his drawings is a high narrative density of detail. He often colours them with a mixture of pencils, Polychromos crayons, watercolours and Copic fibre-paintings, increasingly digitally. He develops numerous pictures, comics, animated films, collages and prints. His works in free printmaking are a contrast to the drawings. Here he creates linocuts with a high black-and-white contrast, photo etchings and classical etchings, which appear much duller due to the many shades of grey.

As an illustrator he works for newpapers and magazines, such as DIE ZEIT. In 2017, The "Black Wave", an animated film by Mariola Brillowska and drawings by Julius Klemm, wins the German Short Film Award of the Federal Government 2017. In the same year, he was winner in the Ströer illustration competition on the topic "Digital change of media around urban context.

If you want to see how he creates his art, and how printmaking especially the etching technique works, you wouldn’t want to miss the below film: