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Johanna Clara Becker was born in Krefeld in 1995. After graduating from high school she studied painting from 2015 -2016 at the University of Fine Arts in Essen. In 2016 she changed to the Academy of Art Düsseldorf, where she has been studying fine arts ever since. 


Her works have already been shown in renowned exhibitions: DIE GROSSE, at the Museum Kunstpalast (2018), at the Kunsthaus Mettmann (2018) and at the BBK-Kunstforum Düsseldorf (2017). In 2018 the junges museum Bottrop showed a solo exhibition of Johanna Clara Becker. In the same year her works were also shown in New York in a private exhibition with her class of Prof. Stefan Kürten. This year she won the 2nd Artist Art Prize at the exhibition "Revierkunst" in the Ewald Colliery. 

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Johanna Clara Becker

From the Interview…

RPR: You have already exhibited at several museums. Now we are showing a digital solo exhibition with your works in our ARTSPACE NEXUS. What title would you like to give the exhibition and what challenges and opportunities do you see in an online presentation? 

JCB: I think "UNTITLED" is the right title for the exhibition. At the moment, whether it is untitled or titled is irrelevant for my pictures. Maybe the title encourages a more intensive look, which reveals something hidden at first and only reveals it when looking more closely and questioning. 

I think the online presentation shows completely new chances of exhibiting. How often does something intervene for visitors, how often is the time inappropriate, or the location too far away and then the exhibition is already over. The NEXUS Artspace makes it possible for me to be seen from everywhere - not two-dimensional, but three-dimensional. Especially in the current time of crisis due to the corona virus, when museums are not visited and the pictures hang on the wall abandoned, ARTSPACE NEXUS gives the opportunity to make art visible - for everyone from home and everywhere."

Johanna Clara Becker about "Untitled“

"My pictures are a medium for processing everything I have experienced, my thoughts, feelings, memories and make them vivid for myself. For the viewer, this is sometimes easy and sometimes completely impossible to decipher. Just as I do not set limits for myself, I also do not want to set limits for the viewer to see something that he may simply want to see. That‘s why my pictures often get no titles, because these give the whole a me personally too certain, individual finality in their interpretation. Ultimately, we can never know what someone else thinks and exactly this mystery I want to maintain.“