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The works of Croatian artist Izvor Pende are explorations of the artist's own relationship to his media, practice, and journey of self-discovery. As many artists before him have also done, Pende's artistic journey has been one that saw him evolving from figurative work to pure abstraction. As viewers, we often aspire to cling to the semblance of representation - often, where there is none. For instance, we want to find a figure lurking in the curvature; to locate an eye in a paroxysm of paint; a human gesture in the flesh-coloured forms of paint. Certainly, the tendency would have been heightened in 2019 when Pende exhibited his works in a two-man show alongside Daniel Richter, whose works did exactly that.


Even Pende himself discusses his practice as a sort of analytical revelation: "changes are crucial for development, and dealing with problems when creating a new piece of art is the key to further growth as an artist. Another important factor is courage. By that, I mean the courage to obliterate even good segments of the painting in order to reach something novel."

Text by Kurt Beers

Izvor Pende About his serie "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow"

"After a long period of figurative expression, I felt something was missing so I decided to make a radical change and continue in a completely different direction. Painting is a way of thinking for me – the construction process of the painting depicts the artist’s thought process. For me, this is the most important factor."

Izvor Pende