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Elisa Carutti was born in Milan in 1991. She holds a BA Degree in Painting from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan (2014), and an MFA from Slade School of Fine Arts, UCL, London (2018). Her work has been exhibited in the UK, Italy, France and Greece. She received several awards (e.g. ERASMUS Bursary at Ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2013) and took part in residencies abroad. Her works have been published internationally in the Spring Issue 2018 of the Art Maze Mag, London.

Elisa Carutti


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"I am attracted a lot by astronomical images that I see in the newspaper and I always have them in mind when I am working on my paintings. Quite recently, I placed the human figure in the sky without representing it entirely. It’s always a fragment of a face, a single arm or a hand, as I want to paint like things happen in a dream without a logic link, pieces of different scenarios happening all at the same time without a chronological order. I would say that I am influenced by the digital: the impossibility of focusing the attention on just one image because a second later, I am attracted by a new image that I want to paint."

Elisa Carutti


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Exclusive edition for RPR ART

On the occasion of her ARTSPACE NEXUS show Elisa Carutti has created an edition exclusively for RPR ART:

Chrysalis 08, 2020

Elisa Carutti

Inkjet Print on Paper, 42 x 29,7 cm

Edition of 20, signed, numbered, dated

450 EUR

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"Chrysalis refers to the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation between immature and mature stages. As well as recalling my paintings in terms of subject matter, I found it right for the moment we are living. The show is the result of the first lockdown restrictions when I was mostly at home and to compensate the lack of my studio and painting I have been drawings flowers on my agenda. Whilst outside the city was suffering, I was fascinated by the nature’s flourishing in spring and wanted to record it daily. There was something so honest in portraying the nature during those particular days, but also intimate and universal that I felt bringing farther in the form of a show.

The cracks on the canvas are due to the glue that holds together the different linen’ pieces of which the painting is made of, giving to the surface subtle relives and a “rough” touch at the same time. It took time and many experiments to develop this technique but now I am happy about it because it gives to my work the concreteness I was looking for. Holding together different pieces of the canvas I previously destroyed, reflects the idea that creation comes out from the act of destruction and the artist, like a restorer, has the task of bringing together all the broken pieces and give them a new life.”

Visit Elisa Carutti in her studio (video) and read our interview with her about her current show "Chrysalis" here.