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Apart from creating outstanding art, it is very important for artists to get recognised. They have to meet the right people, set up their own network, send out unique messages to create awareness.

We do everything except creating art: Content management, website design, social media, etc. 

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Open 24/7 globally
For a limited period of time we offer selected artworks by handpicked artists. The artworks include canvases, photographs, sculptures, paper works and have been oftentimes exclusively produced for the artist’s solo show at our virtual space NEXUS.
NEXUS was founded by Raphael Brunk, Master Student of Andreas Gursky, Philipp Brückner, IT Expert and Ruth Polleit Riechert. The name of the virtual art space was suggested by Bernhard Adams. The innovative space gives promising emerging artists the chance to exhibit online and showcase their work globally 24/7. The artists are invited to design their solo exhibition themselves. 

Johanna Clara Becker // Christina Steffans // Elisa Carutti // Amparo Sard // Bernhard Adams


New works by sophie Heinrich

March - May 2020


February 2020

"Video killed the Radio Star" – New works by Bernhard Adams

December 2019

"With love from Mallorca" – Selected artworks inspired by Amparo Sard x RPR ART Mallorca Residency 2019

October 2019

Exclusive Art Production

In addition, RPR ART asks the artists to produce photographs or prints as editions which are available in a limited number of prints, usually no more than 20. These works are available only for a limited period of time.  

Amparo Sard x RPR ART Mallorca Residency Program
Under the patronage of internationally established Spanish artist Amparo Sard, we have started an artists’ residency program, which allows handpicked artists to work and live on Mallorca for a limited time followed by an exhibition of their artworks on the island.

Photos: Bernhard Adams

Under the patronage of the Majorcan artist Amparo Sard, three master students of Kunstakademie Düsseldorf have developed new works during a three-week artists' residency in Son Servera, Mallorca. The program was initiated by Ruth Polleit Riechert and took place from March 17th until April 7th, 2019. The newly developed works were exhibited in Königstein in May and Son Servera, Mallorca, in July 2019.

The participating artists were: Bernhard Adams (born 1990, master student of Professor Katharina Grosse), Raphael Brunk (born 1987, master student of Professor Andreas Gursky) and Carolin Israel (born 1990, Student of Professors Tomma Abts and Katharina Grosse).

"With the Residency Program, we want to start an exchange of German and Spanish - especially Majorcan - artists to promote their artistic development and make their work known to a wider public” says patron Amparo Sard. The artist worked with Ruth Polleit Riechert for the first time in 2000. At that time, Amparo Sard won a Frankfurt Deutsche Bank competition, which was organised by the art historian.

The work of Amparo Sard (*1976 in Son Servera, Mallorca) was shown in more than 30 individual exhibitions and is represented in the collections of MoMA and Guggenheim Museum. Amparo Sard also holds a professorship at the Art Academy Barcelona.

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